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Do You Find It Challenging To Deliver Professional Education On Your Own?

A lot of educators in the state of Georgia try to deliver exceptional continuing education on their own. It's hard, lonely, and frankly--more challenging than it needs to be. Fortunately, there's a group of educators from many of the Georgia universities, colleges, and technical colleges--all of whom work together to provide the excellent continuing education that Georgia adults deserve. This group is GCEA. Together, we eliminate the struggles that so many of our continuing educators face. Together, we create a work-ready Georgia.

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Here's How GCEA Can Help You Thrive As A Continuing Educator:


Get access to exclusive
resources in continuing


Connect with other
continuing educators
just like you


Build relationships that
make you more efficient
& effective


Learn about current
issues & trends in
continuing education

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Here’s How You Start Providing Even Better Continuing Education:


1. Become a
GCEA Member


2. Get Connected to
the GCEA Community
& Resources


3. Be Empowered
& Equipped for
Continuing Education


Even the best continuing educators can feel like they don’t have the
relationships and resources they need to thrive in their role. GCEA is a close-knit community of continuing educators in Georgia, providing the resources and perspectives that every educator needs to better serve the working adult.




At GCEA (Georgia Continuing Education Association), we know that you want to be equipped to provide the best continuing education possible. It is beneficial then to belong to a Georgia-based association that can provide relationships and resources for superior continuing education. We’re the only association of our kind in the state. If you’re struggling in your role and you want years of distilled wisdom at your disposal, we recommend joining our group! It makes the work much easier.

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“I was looking for professional development
opportunities and a way to meet others in the same
field. GCEA provides great conferences each year and
an opportunity to network and learn what others are
doing in the field of continuing education.”

- GCEA Member


“GCEA has helped me grow in my profession by
offering programming that increased my knowledge about
profitable programs. My experience with GCEA has been positive
and rewarding. After becoming a member of GCEA, I felt better
about developing viable courses and training
opportunities for my community.”

- GCEA Member


“Georgia Continuing Education Association is my
go-to for fresh ideas in Workforce Development across the state.”

- GCEA Member


“I have been directly or indirectly involved with
GCEA for approximately 20 years. It is a statewide network
of new and seasoned professionals in continuing education
who share and learn a wide variety of best practices, emerging
trends, and much more. GCEA is an essential resource
for anyone working in continuing education.”

- GCEA Member


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