4 Tips for Exceptional Continuing Education

At GCEA, we know that adult learning is a completely different experience from children learning, which means it requires a different set of rules and guidelines. 

Our organization is centered on making your continuing education experience as rewarding and fulfilling as possible, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the simplest changes you can make to improve your continuing education abilities.

Keep Continuing Educators Involved

This is good advice for CE Professionals of all ages, but by keeping continuing educators engaged in your lessons they’re much more likely to remember they’re learning. Adults are used to dynamic jobs and personal interactions, and simply being lectured at will quickly feel retroactive. When you relate to your peers and draw them into lessons, everyone’s experience will improve.

Integrate Personal Experience

One of the benefits of continuing education is that adults have years’ worth of life experience to draw on and incorporate into their education. Giving your continuing educators the opportunity to share their life experiences will make it more memorable for them and educational for you as well!

Take Advantage of Exploration

Most adults have well-established interests, likes, and dislikes. When continuing educators have the chance to explore their interests as they connect to lessons, everything taught will become that much more memorable and exciting. Continuing educators will appreciate being able to put their education to use in their working or personal lives.

Accept Feedback

We’ve already mentioned how one of the advantages of adults continuing education is the fact that adults have life experience under their belts. Let your continuing educators benefit you directly! By regularly asking for and accepting advice, you can be sure that continuing educators are constantly improving.

GCEA is an organization made up of passionate Continuing Education Professionals across Georgia from all walks of life, put together to make education more rewarding and enriching for continuing educators. We offer training, conferences, and networking events, all with continuing education improvement in mind. 

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