4 Tips to Attract More Students for Spring and Summer 2023 Courses!

2023 is almost here, which means that the spring and summer semesters will be upon us before we know it. If one of your goals for the new year is to increase enrollment, we’re right there with you. 

Here, we’ve focused on four things that continuing education professionals can do to promote their courses and programs in the coming year, whether you’re an educator, a course curator, a program administrator, or a student recruiter.

1. Send Out Nurture Emails 

Your number-one priority should be to stay at the top of your audience’s mind. Nurture emails do the work in encouraging past students to re-enroll in a new course, or to enroll in the next level course that they’re ready for. 

Most of your audience are either post-college, or they never attended college. It’s your job to provide helpful information and to position your programs as the stepping stones that your audience needs to reach their goals – of bettering themselves personally or professionally.

2. Amp Up Your Social Content 

Much like point number one, this is all about staying relevant in your audience’s minds. On social media, provide helpful and valuable information – for this is what establishes your position as a guide for prospective students. 

With this authority, you’ll earn their trust and create a sense of reciprocity with your audience, which makes them more likely to want to register for courses. 

On social media, connect with your audience by highlighting staff, programs, and the success stories of past students. 

3. Offer Discount Promotions 

There’s nothing like a seasonal discount to entice your audience and make them want to enroll. Now is the perfect time to offer holiday promotions – around Christmas and New Year’s Day – to grab the attention of your audience.

4. Schedule Event Previews 

Whether you offer in-person previews, online demos, or both, this is a form of lead generation for your institution. Previews can include a virtual tour of the campus, short videos of past classes, or an overview of a course to provide an idea of what students will experience if they enroll. 

Such previews allow students to get a feel for what it’s like to attend your school, getting familiar with the teachers, campus, and courses themselves. 

Looking Towards 2023 

At GCEA, we want to see you succeed in the new year. Implement these four tactics and watch your enrollment increase for the spring and summer semester of 2023.