Progress In Your Role As a Continuing Education Professional

As a Continuing Education (CE) Professional, you can't afford to languish in your profession. You need constant ways to thrive and adapt in order to dominate in your field.

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4 Ways to Help You Thrive As a Continuing Education Professional

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Find out 4 beneficial ways to thrive as a continuing education professional.

As a CE, you have to have passion and be majorly proactive in your role. If not, you’ll risk falling behind on the best learning tactics and your students won’t receive the proper level of learning.

Thankfully, we can’t let that happen and we’ve got you covered!

We’ve put together a free resource to help you thrive in your role as a continuing educator.


“I was looking for professional development
opportunities and a way to meet others in the same
field. GCEA provides great conferences each year and
an opportunity to network and learn what others are
doing in the field of continuing education.”

- GCEA Member


“GCEA has helped me grow in my profession by offering
programming that increased my knowledge about profitable
programs. My experience with GCEA has been positive and rewarding.

After becoming a member of GCEA, I felt better about developing
viable courses and training opportunities for my community.”

- GCEA Member

Free eBook: 4 Ways to Help You Thrive As a Continuing Education PRofessional