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Even the best continuing educators can feel like they don’t have the relationships and resources they need to thrive in their role. GCEA is a close-knit community of continuing educators in Georgia, providing the resources and perspectives that every educator needs to better serve the working adult. Join us today!


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Member Benefits

  • Improve professional competence and enhance career progression
  • Participate in free webinars
  • Learn current information from top instructors
  • Enhance public speaking and presentation skills by presenting at conference or webinar
  • Members receive a discount
  • Decrease department operating budget with a discounted rate
  • Network, learn from others, and expand knowledge base through guided best practice discussion
  • Leverage knowledge of peers
  • Develop relationships and increase partnership opportunities
  • Interact with peers for the informal sharing of ideas
  • Enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities within the field
  • Learn programming ideas that will benefit the local community
  • Develop leadership skills by volunteering on a GCEA committee
  • Expand instructor list by utilizing state-wide instructor resources
  • Meet instructors from across the state who are willing to travel
  • Share instructors with other institutions
  • Grow instructor pool and in-turn course offerings
  • Learn methods and strategies to develop new instructors
  • Keep programs fresh by gaining new ideas from peers
  • Hear from field experts on ways to improve programs and outcomes
  • Learn new techniques of the trade
  • Access latest hot topics and training ideas
  • Learn what other states and professionals are doing
  • Be the first to know what is happening in Georgia with continuing/adult education and workforce development
  • Electronic access to the latest news, trends, and events
  • Stay connected throughout the year
  • Learn about other members and departments through our Member Spotlight
  • Gain recognition for your program and colleague
  • Opportunity to showcase your college, department, peers, partnerships, and programs
  • Earn a scholarship to save on the department budget

GCEA Membership Information

GCEA is an institutional-based membership organization. Core membership is composed of Georgia degree-granting universities and colleges, Technical colleges, and business entities that provide goods and services within the higher education sector. Membership is open to anyone working or interested in the field of continuing and professional education and training and members support the GCEA mission to advance professional and continuing education for adults. Membership is open to both institutions and individuals who are interested in continuing and professional education. We welcome you and your commitment to the mission of continuing and professional education.

Institutional memberships
Institutional memberships may be transferred. If an institution pays for memberships and an individual leaves, that membership may be transferred to another individual in the institution. Individual memberships, however, are not transferable. For more information about membership, please contact Cher Brister, President at

Annual Membership Dues
Online payment is available via PayPal or credit card. Annual dues (expire on June 30 of the current year) are payable by check or online by credit card.

Mailable Membership Application

To mail your membership application, download
the form and mail it along with a check to:

Sara Holmes

Clayton State University

2000 Clayton State Boulevard

Morrow, GA 30260

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Here's How GCEA Can Help You Thrive As A Continuing Educator:


Get access to exclusive resources in continuing education


Connect with other
continuing educators
just like you


Build relationships
that make you more
efficient & effective


Learn about current
issues & trends in
continuing education


“Georgia Continuing Education Association is my go-to
for fresh ideas in Workforce Development across the state.

- GCEA Member


“I have been directly or indirectly involved with
GCEA for approximately 20 years. It is a statewide network
of new and seasoned professionals in continuing education
who share and learn a wide variety of best practices, emerging
trends, and much more. GCEA is an essential resource
for anyone working in continuing education.

- GCEA Member


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