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CHOICES in Continued Education

Choices. We make them every day, all day long. Since we have the luxury of making choices, it’s...

Elevate Your Skills: What Matters in a Professional Workshop

In a world where continuous learning is the key to staying competitive, professional workshops have emerged as dynamic...

Training With a Purpose

So, you’ve landed your job as a Continuing Education instructor and now you are tasked with creating a...

When Is It Time to Create a Professional Development Plan?

While trolling through LinkedIn, I noticed a meme that caught my attention. Tim McClure, a professional speaker and...

GCEA Conference Wrap-Up: A Big Thank You!

If you are unaware, those of us here at the Georgia Continuing Education Association (GCEA, for short) just...

Noble Networking

Networking Through the Annual GCEA Conference During the 2023 Georgia Continuing Education Association Conference at the beautiful Georgia...

Why Should I Join GCEA?

Continuing education is a vital part of professional development, especially in rapidly evolving fields such as technology, healthcare,...

What To Do When Your Lesson FLOPS?

It’s every instructor’s nightmare! You are standing in front of a classroom of wonderful students when the lesson...

6 Things to Know Before Attending a Conference

Conferences are wonderful opportunities to expand your existing knowledge, learn new trends, discover best practices, and network with...

Get to Know Our 2023 Keynote Speaker: Nick “Sunshine” Tokman

Nick's success on "Deadliest Catch" has made him a popular figure in the world of commercial fishing and...

Quiet Quitting Is Never Quiet

Over winter break, I attended a beautiful holiday brunch that included professional women from various industries, educational backgrounds,...

You Don’t Want to Miss This: 2023 GCEA Annual Conference Details

We are so excited to gather again for our upcoming GCEA Annual Conference! For those of you that...

A 2023 New Year’s Resolution You Will K.E.E.P. 

Some people create end-of-year “to do” lists, while others make New Year’s resolutions. Over the years, I’ve become...

4 Tips to Attract More Students for Spring and Summer 2023 Courses!

2023 is almost here, which means that the spring and summer semesters will be upon us before we...

Tips for Creating a Memorable Introduction

Last month, while speaking at the National Communication Association conference in New Orleans, I noticed an anomaly about...

“I was looking for professional development
opportunities and a way to meet others in the same
field. GCEA provides great conferences each year and
an opportunity to network and learn what others are
doing in the field of continuing education.”

- GCEA Member


“GCEA has helped me grow in my profession by
offering programming that increased my knowledge about
profitable programs. My experience with GCEA has been positive
and rewarding. After becoming a member of GCEA, I felt better
about developing viable courses and training
opportunities for my community.”

- GCEA Member