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6 Reasons to Pursue Continuing Education

Here at GCEA, we believe that one’s personal journey in continuing education doesn’t need to have a fixed...

Is Innovation a Part of Your Professional Career?

Solving a problem. Improving a process. Building a new system. There are countless ways to innovate at work. ...

4 Myths About Continuing Education

There’s a lot of emphasis on earning a traditional bachelor’s or even a master’s degree. But once you...

Virtual or In-Person Learning?

Educators have long relied on virtual instruction. But in the majority of situations, it wasn’t the norm. After...

Top 10 Tips for Georgia’s Continuing Educators

As a continuing educator, you believe in the power of learning. For your participants, it’s the best pathway...

3 Ways To Stay Equipped For Continuing Education

Continuing education has great benefits and can be very rewarding (to say the least). Sadly, if you’re like...

4 Ways Professional Development Opportunities Can Benefit You

Professional development means learning new skills and strengthening old ones at the same time. Professional development can boost...

4 Tips for Exceptional Continuing Education

At GCEA, we know that adult learning is a completely different experience from children learning, which means it...

Checklist For Becoming A Successful Continuing Educator

It’s hard trying to offer exceptional continuing education on your own. It can be a challenging, lonely experience,...

“I was looking for professional development
opportunities and a way to meet others in the same
field. GCEA provides great conferences each year and
an opportunity to network and learn what others are
doing in the field of continuing education.”

- GCEA Member


“GCEA has helped me grow in my profession by
offering programming that increased my knowledge about
profitable programs. My experience with GCEA has been positive
and rewarding. After becoming a member of GCEA, I felt better
about developing viable courses and training
opportunities for my community.”

- GCEA Member