Board of Directors


To provide honest, quality work that is done right the first time. We want you to remember us. We want you to walk away satisfied. Most of all, we want to build a relationship with you that lasts. We're here to do the right thing so that you feel confident in your decision to work with us.


Melanie Baer, President

Program Coordinator

College of Education-Dean's Office, University of Georgia

Cher Brister, President Elect

Director, Green Technologies

Gwinnett Technical College

Sara Holmes, Treasurer

Administrative Services Specialist

Clayton State University - Center for Continuing Education

Chase Highley, VP Membership


Greenstone Media

Angela Myers-Jenkins, VP Programs

Director, Continuing and Professional Education

Clayton State University

Patty Hart, VP Marketing

Director of Business & Industry Services

Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Curtis Halton, VP Operations

Director, Continuing Education

Atlanta Technical College

Kathleen Kosmoski, Past President

Director for Continuing Education and Industry Training

Ogeechee Technical College

Members At Large

Sue Bailey

Program Coordinator

Valdosta State University

Lewis Burke

Executive Director, Economic Development

Atlanta Technical College

Brooke Smith

Associate Director, Professional & Continuing Education

University of North Georgia

Dorna Werdelin

Associate Vice President, Adult Education

Atlanta Technical College



At GCEA (Georgia Continuing Education Association), we know that you want to be equipped to provide the best continuing education possible. It is beneficial then to belong to a Georgia-based association that can provide relationships and resources for superior continuing education. We’re the only association of our kind in the state. If you’re struggling in your role and you want years of distilled wisdom at your disposal, we recommend joining our group! It makes the work much easier.


Here’s How You Start Providing Even Better Continuing Education:


1. Become a
GCEA Member


2. Get Connected to
the GCEA Community
& Resources


3. Be Empowered
& equipped for
Continuing Education


“I was looking for professional development
opportunities and a way to meet others in the same
field. GCEA provides great conferences each year and
an opportunity to network and learn what others are
doing in the field of continuing education.”

- GCEA Member


“GCEA has helped me grow in my profession by
offering programming that increased my knowledge about
profitable programs. My experience with GCEA has been positive
and rewarding. After becoming a member of GCEA, I felt better
about developing viable courses and training
opportunities for my community.”

- GCEA Member