Checklist For Becoming A Successful Continuing Educator

It’s hard trying to offer exceptional continuing education on your own. It can be a challenging, lonely experience, and without resources or a supportive community at hand, the whole process becomes much harder than it needs to be.

We’ve created a 6 point checklist to help you thrive as a continuing educator:

  1. Have a Support System or Community: Having a support system helps out in any situation. You feel less alone in the journey, have others you can relate with, and can learn from each other. 
  2. Prioritize Your Learning: Life is constantly on go and if you aren’t prioritizing the right things you might fall behind. Balancing work, life, and learning is always a genuine concern for working professionals. Just know, you are worth putting yourself and your education at the top of your priority list.
  3. Choose The Right Learning Opportunity: Time is money and money is time. If you are going to be investing both those things into continuing education, make sure you choose a program that is worth your while. 
  4. Find Networking Opportunities: Networking is the best way to stay informed and feel connected. Find a local continuing education association that’s right for you and get more information. (Become a member of GCEA!)
  5. Access to Helpful Resources: Staying up to date with current trends and developments in knowledge is important. Available access to resources helps to stay in the loop and constantly adapt!
  6. Don’t Feel Overwhelmed: Focus on the manageable tasks at hand and take one day at a time. If you let things pile up you will feel disengaged and overwhelmed. Make sure to get ahead in the game of life!

As Georgia’s #1 Resource for Continuing Education, we want you to be equipped to provide the best continuing education possible. To ensure this, GCEA commits to providing meaningful relationships and long-lasting resources for superior continuing education.

Here’s to lasting education that makes a difference.  Become a member today!