Membership Questions?  We Have Answers!

Nurturing and keeping a great team is a skill all businesses and organizations need. The Georgia Continuing Education Association (GCEA) understands this and since 1955, we have worked diligently to build a membership team and slate of officers to provide benefits which are attractive and mutually beneficial. You say you have questions?  We have the answers!

Do GCEA members become part of a robust team?

Great businesses make a concentrated effort to treat each employee as a valued member of the team. Building relationships supports this perspective and as a result members and officers work tirelessly in tandem to create a robust team transforming the organization from ordinary to extraordinary. 

One of my favorite mentors, Dr. Cathy Scholz, once told me that “When you treat your team like a team, you will have a team.”  Transactional leadership is the best way to build a robust team for any business or organization and it is of the utmost importance to choose a leadership team that will lead by doing. GCEA currently has a couple of officer positions open. Check out our website ( and perhaps you might choose to also join our leadership team.  

Does GCEA stand for values and a mission that our members need?

When asked why people choose to work for a specific business or join an organization, most members will say they enjoy working with people that share their same values. You might also hear people say “It’s a good fit.” After working closely with GCEA’s President, Cher Brister, I was delighted to join the organization because I was familiar with her impeccable work ethics and devotion to professionalism. President Brister posted an invitation to join on LinkedIn so I responded by checking out the web-site ( and joined right away. If it’s “who you know,” then knowing a fellow member like Cher Brister will help you make the decision. After joining, I met the other board members and knew that GCEA was filled with members and administrators who shared my same values. Here they are:

GCEA Mission: We equip Georgia’s continuing educators and provide resources and relationships to create a more educated and work-ready Georgia.

GCEA Vision: GCEA is a close-knit community of continuing educators in Georgia. Our vision is to provide resources and perspectives that educators need to better serve working adults.

GCEA Values: GCEA fosters a climate that encourages and rewards the following values: innovation, continuous improvement, inclusiveness, collaboration, professional development, public service, quality, economic development, and fiscal responsibility.

Does GCEA satisfy professional and personal goals?

Money isn’t the only reason that people choose to work for a business or join an organization, although it is a big consideration for the exchange of what you bring to the table. Location can be a motivator, as well as work/life balance, convenience and flexibility with schedules, or the opportunity to use one position as a stairway to the next.  GCEA realizes this and schedules most monthly meetings online and during the lunch hour to allow members the freedom to attend meetings without driving to a location within the state. Recently, we began scheduling online Lunch and Learn meetings where we invite subject matter experts to provide Free Professional Development sessions to our GCEA membership.  These sessions count as professional development hours to satisfy yearly requirements, but they also offer a wealth of knowledge to the membership satisfying both professional and personal goals.

Yearly conferences are held in places most requested by the members. Destination conferences are a great way to take care of business, network, learn new skills, brush up on old skills, and enjoy a fun location with fellow members.  Last year, we met in the historic town of Savannah, Georgia. Some members came by themselves, and others brought family members to join them for a couple of days prior to or following the day and a half conference.  The 2024 conference will be held in beautiful Jekyll Island, this October. We hope you will join us and see first-hand why so many professionals choose to belong to GCEA.

What are the benefits of becoming an officer or a member?

Visit our web-site ( and download the free resource book that is available to learn “4 Ways to Help You Thrive as a Continuing Education Professional” and you will quickly see the benefits of joining GCEA is a good move! New and innovative ideas are available for program development, collaboration, networking opportunities to support working together, professional development opportunities to develop skills, and ways to become more efficient and effective at building relationships. All these benefits add up to an organization that encourages you to share ideas and passions, develop close relationships, and make professional development more fun, exciting, and engaging.

It’s a wonderful time to work in the field of professional development.  We are actively looking for new members and a couple of great new officers to join our quest of transforming Continuing Education in Georgia.  Click here and join the GCEA Community today:             

Looking forward to having you join the GCEA Team!

Dr. Penny Joyner Waddell
Published Author, Professional Development Instructor, Public Speaking Coach