Top 10 Tips for Georgia’s Continuing Educators

As a continuing educator, you believe in the power of learning. For your participants, it’s the best pathway to grow and develop in their careers. In the same way, we at GCEA, believe in supporting your development as a continuing education professional. The better educator you are, the more your students benefit. 

Here are our 10 tips for becoming Georgia’s best continuing educators:

  1. Connect with your peers. It’s lonely working in a vacuum. Surround yourself with colleagues who have your back. They’ve available to brainstorm ideas, offer feedback and encourage you in your work. 
  2. Enhance your skills. There’s always something new to learn. Whether it’s a teaching technique or a piece of technology, you can find ways to develop your skills and build your confidence as a continuing education professional. 
  3. Gather best practices. Your fellow continuing education professionals face many of the same challenges you do. It’s incredibly helpful to see how colleagues around the state of Georgia – and the country – are handling the same issues. What can you glean from their experiences that you can apply to your program? 
  4. Increase your professional opportunities. Investing in your own professional development always pays off. Not only are you a better educator, but you also set yourself up for a promotion, a pay raise or a new opportunity for career advancement. 
  5. Reenergize. No matter how much you love your work, it can be draining. Educators, in particular, have faced an exceedingly difficult time during COVID-19. Participating in professional conferences, networking and training gives you a boost of energy and enthusiasm for your work. Everyone needs that at times!  
  6. Access key resources. Tap into the wisdom of others in your profession as well as experts in other industries. Carve out time to attend professional conferences and webinars once a quarter. 
  7. Join in the conversation. There’s nothing wrong with soaking up as much good advice and knowledge as possible. But don’t forget to share your ideas too. Mentor a younger professional, offer to speak at a conference or host a webinar. Others can benefit from your expertise! 
  8. Be innovative. As you learn from others or come across ideas from fellow institutions, don’t be afraid to innovate. It’s easy to get stuck in comfortable routines and patterns. Break the mold and try something new. 
  9. Ask for feedback. You can’t grow if you don’t know. Solicit constructive feedback from participants, colleagues and others familiar with your work. Grab those golden nuggets that will make you a better continuing education professional. 
  10. Be part of a community. Join Georgia’s # 1 resource for continuing education. As a member of GCEA, you’ll be equipped to provide the best continuing education possible. 

As a continuing education professional, you can’t afford to languish in your work. You need constant ways to thrive and adapt in order to dominate in your field. Download our free ebook 4 Ways to Help You Thrive As a Continuing Education Professional.”