What a Wonderful World!

2023 in Review

In the heart of Georgia, where education and development intertwine, the Georgia Continuing Education Association (GCEA) recently held a vibrant meeting. As we waved hello and goodbye to the festive cheer of the winter holidays, it was a moment ripe for gratitude and appreciation. We have been thrilled to spotlight our 2023 GCEA Sponsors, who are the pillars of our mission to foster adult and continuing education in Georgia.

A big shoutout to these Sponsors and their Support in 2023!

Our resilience as an organization stems from providing essential skills and creating solutions for impactful outcomes. GCEA members not only serve pivotal organizations but also receive tremendous support through sponsorships. This reciprocal support is the core of our success, and for that, we’re immensely thankful. You may wonder, “What’s the magic behind this collaboration?” Well, it’s all about working hand in hand.

GCEA and our sponsors are in sync, addressing organizational needs, offering guidance, and unearthing solutions to pressing challenges. Our financial partners, who stand with us, embody the essence of Louis Armstrong’s classic, “What a Wonderful World.” A handshake with our sponsors is more than a gesture; it’s a symbol of mutual understanding and a commitment to partnership. Their involvement extends beyond financial support, offering invaluable contributions like free Lunch & Learn events, competitive conference pricing, and brand recognition. This synergy not only benefits GCEA but also enriches our industry.

During the 2023 GCEA Conference in Savannah, our sponsors shone brightly, sharing their expertise through break-out sessions, discussions, and demonstrations. Their generosity in supporting various conference facets, from keynote speakers to meals, was a testament to this fruitful partnership. In return, sponsors enjoyed extensive brand exposure, networking opportunities, and insights from the professional development sector.

As we invite leaders and professionals to join our monthly meetings and annual conference, we emphasize the spirit of partnership and mutual growth. Memberships are now open, and we eagerly seek new partners to share in this journey of reciprocal advancement. For more details, visit our website at https://gacea.org/ or reach out to President Cher Brister.

By ourselves, there is only so much that we can do and only so far that we can go. But together as partners, as teammates, and as organizations with a common goal, it certainly is a wonderful world, thanks to our sponsors and supporters.

Louie Armstrong’s last lines for that iconic song says, “They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

“Oh, yeah!”,

Dr. Penny Joyner Waddell, SpeechShark
GCEA Member at Large